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  1. Nice concise introduction from cyborg woman (whose website is now Culture Cat)
    • “a definition of material rhetoric, as I see it, is that a rhetorical text, whether it is a memorial site, a speech, or words on paper, has a presence that, once released, is out of the rhetor’s control.”
      Vietnam Memorial Wall
    • “another assumption undergirding material rhetoric… is that bodies are socially produced. To put it another way, … material rhetoric [is] not rhetoric itself, but a lens through which to look at texts, particularly texts that do not use language—visual or tactile texts.”


    PowerPoint as material rhetoric — I mean a PowerPoint presentation about material rhetoric 😉

    an evolving on-line essay

    A Materialist’s
    Conception of Rhetoric

    by Michael Calvin McGee
    molecular model 03
    Wampum as material rhetoric makes sense…by the nature of itself

    A bunch of design students weigh in on clothing as material rhetoric



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